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3D Generalist Artist/ 2D Artist

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About Me

Hi! I am a 3D generalist artist. I can model, texture, rig, and animate characters, props and environment. I can create python scripts in Maya to help me with the repetitive tasks and to make my workflow efficient. In my free time, I do 2D animation for my own YouTube channel which is my passion project. I use mainly Maya and Adobe Software Suites but I am willing to learn any software or pipeline you throw at me.  


3D Works

Guardians of the Galaxy: Black Vortex pt. 2

I worked on this TV episode for Marvel, "Guardians of the Galaxy Black Vortex part 2". I was heavily involved in this project as a modeller, animator, lighting artist, and rigger.
I modelled and rigged Rocket Raccoon, I also animated shots in this episode and I did lighting after all the animation was approved.
  [disclaimer: Video showed only the part of what I contributed on the scene, I do not claim ownership of the video]

GOTG episode 315 from Robert Ronan on Vimeo.

Kiddets Season 2

I worked on both Kiddets Season 1 and 2. In season 1, I worked as a modeler, props rigger, and previs artist.
On season 2, I worked full time as a previs/layout artist. Here is the first episode of season 2 in which I worked on the layout and key poses for the whole episode. 
[disclaimer: Link will open TV NZ app/website, credits at the end specifies my part on the project.
I do not claim ownership of the video and image ]


This is my IK FK arm and leg setup. I've used python script to automate this setup for me.
It is still a work in progress and will be a part of a modular character rig I will be making on my free time. 

Other scripts I've done can be found by clicking this link.

Rigging Tool Script: FK-IK Arm and Leg Script [WORK IN PROGRESS] from Robert Ronan on Vimeo.


This is an animation shot where I worked on Mocap Data. Model, Rig and Mocap cleanup was done by me.



A collection of my past works.

2D Works


These are some of my illustrations on ipad using procreate app. For the landscapes, I was inspired after watching Bob Ross tutorials. I've also created an ebook for kids, shown were sample pages.

2D Nursery Rhymes

Youtube Channel

A collection of 2D animated nursery rhymes. This is my own work and channel on Youtube. I worked on it during my free time. It is my passion project. 

Small Blacks Rugbysmart with the Ruggerbees

This was a project I've done with Mechanic Animation. I've rigged the characters in Toonboom Harmony. I also animated a lot of shots in this project. I was able to animate all the shots in "Having Fun Tackling" episode found below.
[disclaimer: Videos only shows what part I've done as explained above, I do not claim ownership of the video]